Friday, June 10, 2016

Effective teacher

Among the topics discussed in this course, I am attracted with the topic regarding the effective teacher. Me myself I am not sure whether I am going to be a good teacher or not but alongside the journey while learning this course I found that we all can gather up things little by little before we all can be a versatile teacher.

I was quite worried because kids nowadays are not as innocence as the old days *I guess* they are a lot ahead of us in everything. So during this lesson, I have learned about teacher's profile consist of content knowledge, skills and personality. I am not sure what kind of teacher that I am going to be but I hope I can be someone who my students can look up onto one day. I really hope we all, ED2474A and even all students in the faculty of education can be a great person and educator as practice makes permanent - Sir Furkan, 2016.

This is not some bribing but I really have huge respect for Sir Furkan *hehe* I even jot down every word that I think I need to quote them later. We are really sorry that sir might be having difficulties to deal with all 14 aliens in the class. We are sorry that we could not open up a bit earlier but I sincerely, enjoy every bits of our class. Thank you for your words and sincere opinion that help us towards an improvement every single time. Pick pick us for next next semester too sir! 

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