Thursday, June 23, 2016

Perfect counters

Okay for this one I actually don't know if I should include this one in this blog or not but since I think I want to share my experience because it is my first time at school yay!!! we went to MRSM Felda to distribute our test item and we even construct our question paper on our own I was so excited because finally, it feels real. becoming a teacher, I am really walking towards it *rolling*

I would like to thank my perfect group mates and zeidi for welcoming us to his school even it was very last minute! initially we had propose to visit SMK Puncak Alam and they agreed but because of examination factors they decided to cancel it. It was devastated at first because we did not know where else can we distribute our question paper but I glad it happened. At least we get to travel and have fun together!!

we conducted the discussion session after they finish answered the questions within one hour 

I was flustered because they all welcomed us warmly. I love to share things with people so when we visit them, they approached me and ask things about uni life, how do I cope with my hostel life and all. From that moment, I thought to myself "I'm going to do this, I want to share things with my students later, theres a lot of it" hehe

thank you guys for the memories. This is the best first experience at school even I don't know what my practical days will looks like later 

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