Wednesday, June 15, 2016

First heels effect - Article Review

First heels effect?! hahaha yes that's it. For our presentation, we need to at least wear a light makeup and formal shoes with heels. I have been having a mental breakdown because where to find my shoe man. Luckily that one day, our ecology class cancelled and we wandered around shah alam. Guess what, we found it, shoes for me yay but it is a bit smaller sobs

light makeup says who? hahahaha well it is a light make up what. eyeliner and a lipstick. All them blusher and eyeshadow are not included my god no never 
So for my first presentation for this course is article review presentation. I was a bit nervous and I do not know if I actually have done a good job I'm hoping for good marks for it *finger crossed*
During my presentation for this one, I reviewed an article entitled Exploring Models in Biology Classroom.
It is basically an article about how teacher implies models during their lesson. Some of the teachers do not prefer to use it in their class because for them, it is such a waste of time. But for me, I strongly believe that every Biology class should have a model because most of the students now are visual learner so they need something for them to see and they can learn through their observation.

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