Saturday, June 18, 2016

One step closer

I know the title is one step closer which I mean step closer to become a teacher but I do not know if I'm ready or not. But let me share a bit about my very first microteaching since I stepped into the faculty of education. Before this, I didn't realize that I'm the type of person that will throw up whenever I'm nervous but thanks to pre microteaching experience now I acknowledge them hehe

I choose body defense mechanism as my topic because I think I can elaborate more on the moral values because it is a must to include moral values related to the topic that we are going to teach. For set induction I brought our infamous captain yoo si jin because during that time descendant of the sun are really something suitable with his army image to protect the nation so I will just relate it with my topic which is type of defense mechanism that related to every atom of our being that are busy fighting for us silently even without us acknowleging them.

My very first lesson plan! hehe

It was kind of different experience from normal presentation man 
I don't know if I really did a good job or not but thank you everyone for the positive feedback much love for you guys! 

I would like to thank everyone for giving me full cooperation during my microteaching. My classmates are all mad supportive and answer every of my question well. I could not be grateful enough for having them in my degree life. Let's stick together forever! 

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