Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Journey of Curriculum and Instruction lessons

Okay so this is my first post as we need to create a website for portfolio in curriculum and instruction course. I created weebly before but I do not know how to use it so now I come back to blogger which is so my PMR era favourite thing! hehe 
I have been saving so many pictures to upload for my posts but I did not have enough time to at least update my blog weekly so guess today I'm going to post them all yay 

So this is basically the first nametag that I have got myself. In our first class, I did not focus much on the content of the course because I am not really interested in education theory hahahaha but when I heard that we need to get our own whiteboard markers and nametag I suddenly all hyped up! 
I am such a sentimental mellow so here it is, our first nametag since my very first day in the Faculty of Education *love emoji* 

I think even after I graduated I will still remember that we are all getting our very first nametag on our semester four and the excitement that follows *hopefully I still remember them well* 

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